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Andy Ruberg '02

Andy Ruberg '02 continues to have an amazing career and still lives the mantra to be "called to serve!"

See his latest accomplishment here.


Steve Koenig '82 - CAF

As we remember all those that have served in the past, present and in our future, it seems appropriate that we recognize an accomplishment of one our own.   From the Pentagon, to a La Salle VAD committee member, to the CAF, Steve Koenig '82 has done all that has been asked of him, especially with on...

Lancer Veteran Andy Ruberg '02

Lancer Veteran Andy Ruberg '02 shared some of his thoughts on a LinkedIn post (see below).   Important words to consider as we head into the holiday weekend!


In October 2002, at just 18 years old, I signed the dotted line to join the Marine Corps. That is a day that cha...

Col. Hal Kushner 2022 VAD speaker

This year's VAD speaker, Col. Hal Kushner, returned home and left an impressive message to the Veterans committee and La Salle High School.

"I thought the program was very well done,  and the attitude and perspective of La Salle High School is extremely impressive in this day and age.  Please thank...

Col. Hal Kushner - Veterans Committee 2022

It was an honor to have Col. Hal Kushner stopped by La Salle this evening to meet with our Veterans Committee!

Dr. Kushner came by to discuss his speech for the Veterans Appreciation Day starting tomorrow morning.   

Everyone is looking forward to a great event to honor all of our local veterans.

Veterans Day 2021

On this Veterans Day we could not be more blessed to have such an involved group of Alumni. From our VAD committee, to our veteran alumni coming back to speak with our current students, to examples like Jim '77 and Patty Hoelker and his wife with their very generous donation to our Always Be campaig...

Green Township Gold Star Families Memorial Monument

Last week the Lancer veterans were in full force at the Green Township Gold Star Families Memorial Monument and Woody Williams Foundation Dedication Ceremony! Special recognition went out to Lancer Alumni, Dan Flynn, Bob Abrams, Jim Hoelker, Triffin Callos, Scott Ranz, Joe Knab and Kyle Flynn.

Rick Yarosh with Alumni

Rick Yarosh - U. S. Calvary Scout returns to La Salle after last year's Veteran's Assembly Day speaking engagement.   On this year's visit, Rick was able to speak to and inspire individual classes during the day.   It was great seeing some of our Lancer Alumni Veterans come back and hear Mr. Yarosh ...

Richard Young '69 recognized

Our Lancer Veterans continue to represent and be recognized for all of their efforts in being "called to serve!" Congratulations to Richard Young '69 awarded the Hollander Award, recognizing his 50 years of service as a Submariner.   He hosted crew Reunion #11 of the USS Henry L Stinson, SSBN-655 nu...

Lancer Veterans speak to the freshman

Our Lancer Veterans were awesome as they spoke about our monument, our VAD committee and their military experiences with our Freshman as they went through their five pillar classes. It was an honor to hear them speak!




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