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Devier Posey '08 - Powerful Points

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Devier Posey '08 - Powerful Points

Mar 15, 2023
Devier Posey '08 - Powerful Points
Devier Posey '08 - Powerful Points

As many of you may have already heard, Devier Posey '08, stopped by La Salle High School to talk with our student body.

What you may not have heard is what he had to discuss with our future alumni brothers.

He was gracious enough to share his notes from that day, which outline his discussion points.   There are some Powerful Posey Points in these notes!   We are more than humbled by his generosity to share them!


Climbing Life’s Depth Chart  

My Story: Early life, HS, College, NFL, CFL, Fatherhood, LIFE now 

Dream of the 1st Attention = The experiences give you all the tools for your life’s purpose  

Purpose in Life= Dream of the 2nd intention  

Leadership = Lead vs. Influence - encourage loudly & critique softly  

Overcoming Adversity  

Find motivation in the HARD times  

▪ Have faith and create the life you want 

Discover your True Power  

o Have an inner positive voice  

o Make sure to take care of your mental health  

Falling in Love with the Process  

Attack the Day- Know your order of operations  

Mamba Mentality- Outwork your former self daily 

Love Yourself 

Road to Ohana story = Enjoy the journey 

LaSalle Connections 

Respect the Brotherhood = Your duty as a student is to make your Lasallian brothers proud - the ones before and after you.    Create your Lancer legacy.  

▪ Your La Salle time is valuable- Enjoy each moment 






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