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Opportunity to be Called to Serve - School Blood Drive

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Opportunity to be Called to Serve - School Blood Drive

Jan 7, 2022
Blood Drive Opportunity
Blood Drive Opportunity

Hoxworth has a new program where schools can hold Blood Drives and possibly earn a $500 grant, but we will need parents and alums to help support us.  

The way it works is we hold one drive here (in person) and Hoxworth will set up a virtual week for donors to donate at one of their sites in our name.  If we get 75 units donated for La Salle (total between both drives) we get $500!

The reason we need parents and Alums to help is that our boys have to be at least 16 (with parent permission) and can only donate every 6 months. This means they can't donate for the virtual drive unless they are over 18. 

Our In person drive collects about 33-36 units in years past, given the larger space we have capacity for 60 in person, possibly more if needed.  

Click the link for details.

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