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Lasallian Pillar Awards

As a Lasallian school there are five core values that distinguish La Salle amongst the other Catholic schools in Cincinnati. They are:

  • Faith
  • Service
  • Community
  • Leadership
  • Scholarship

Today the faculty, staff and administration remain committed to instilling these core values in our young men.

As a part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration in the Fall of 2010, the La Salle Advancement Office felt it imperative to recognize alumni, friends and benefactors that have adopted one or more of these core values as a part of their character.

Additional information on the Pillar Awards and the criteria for each award as well as the recipients of the awards are available by clicking on the pillar. If you would like to NOMINATE a La Salle community member, please fill out this form

Faith Pillar

The Lasallian Faith Pillar Award will be given to an individual(s) in recognition of their commitment and dedication to the propagation of the Catholic faith.


2010- Bill Cady, Rev Tom Dennemann

2011- Bishop Joe Binzer '73

2012- Sean Reynolds '72

2013- Brother Chris Englert '73

2014- Rev. Paul Gebhardt

2015- Joe Wolterman '67

2016- Chris Winiarski '96

2017- Deacon Kim Cohen '72

2018- Pat Palumbo '73

2019- Aaron Hampel '04

2020 - No recipient due to COVID-19

Community Pillar

The Lasallian Community Pillar Award will be given to an individual(s) serving in a community role (i.e. government, police, fire, military, etc...) that has had an impact on the lives of those in the community in which they serve.


2010- Joe Wolterman '67, Jim Hoelker '77

2011- Charlie Norman '96

2012- Steve Koenig '82

2013- Andrew Ruberg '02

2014- Jeff Klei '77

2015- Tom McGill '78

2016- Steve Sabers '91

2017- Bob Abrams '65

2018- Matt Baringhaus '99

2019- Tony Rosiello '72

2020 - No recipient due to COVID-19

Leadership Pillar

The Lasallian Leadership Pillar Award will be given to an individual(s) providing specific leadership, strategic direction, innovation and creativity leading to advances in the fields of business, science or industry.


2010- Joe Schneider '78, Dave Volk '76

2011- Chris Lampe '84

2012- Jim Klett '65

2013- Tom Binzer '75

2014- Jason Hugentobler '02

2015- Jeff Rumpke '86

2016- Tom Waechter '71

2017- Dr. Joe Crowley '70

2019- David Riley '64

2020 - No recipient due to COVID-19

Scholarship Pillar

The Lasallian Scholarship Pillar Award will be given to an educator(s) (elementary, secondary or collegiate levels) who has shown outstanding dedication and commitment to their students, field of study or research.


2010- Lou Eichhold '93, Mick Owens

2011- Brian Heidorn '86

2012- Steve Neiheisel '77

2013- Mike Holman

2014- Mike Lienhart '86

2015- Bro. Mike Schmeizer

2016- Scottie Tillett

2017- Joe Muenchen

2018- Connie Saho

2019- Cindy Webb

2020 - No recipient due to COVID-19

Service Pillar

The Lasallian Service Pillar Award will be given to an individual(s) in recognition of their outstanding service to their community. This may include service to a worthy non-profit, school or other cause, including service directly related to La Salle High School.


2010- Art Ranz '72, Tom Wilke '68

2011- Tim Waechter '64

2012- Jerry Hollenkamp

2013- Ken Hoffman '72

2014- Jim Tenbrink '67

2015- Bill Zoz '79

2016- Denny Obert '68

2017-Rick & Lynne Merk

2018- Steve Bushman '85

2019- Greg Bolin '72

2020 - No recipient due to COVID-19

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