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Golden Lancers

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Welcome to the home of the Golden Lancers!

La Salle Alumni who have celebrated their 50th reunion.

Golden Lancers include the classes of 1964 - 1972.

Founded in November of 2015.


Golden Lancer Class Gatherings
Golden Lancer Class Gatherings

Individual Class Gatherings:

Class of '64 - Contact Bill Rocklin ([email protected])
   ZOOM "Brunchner " Monthly on the 2nd Tuesday
   Lunch - Monthly on the 4th Tuesday

Class of '65 - Contact Bob Abrams ([email protected])
   Lunch - Monthly on the last Thursday

Class of '66 - Contact Jack Stark ([email protected])
   Dinner - Monthly on the 2nd Tuesday
   Coed Luncheon - Quarter
   Service Dinner - Monthly on 3rd Thursday - Contact ([email protected])

Class of '67 - Contact Ken Barlag ([email protected])
   Dinner - Quarterly

Class of '68Monthly - Contact Tom Buchman ([email protected])

Class of '69 - Contact Jon Teufel ([email protected] )

Lunch - Quarterly

Class of '70 - Contact Rick Krummen ([email protected])
   Lunch - Monthly on the 3rd Wednesday

Class of '71 - Contact Jim Walsh ([email protected])
   Dinner - Quarterly

All of the Golden Lancer Class Reps share their gathering information with Brian Heidorn who runs our public Google Golden Lancer Calendar.   You can click this link and use the Golden Lancer calendar as you see fit. 

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